Eli Bernard, BS, MRE

Eli leverages 30 years of learning and leading students and adults in creative and purposeful learning events with a significant network of key leadership developers, team builders and strategic planners.  MMS offers comprehensive, scalable and flexible resources to help organizations and individuals achieve their next level of effectiveness.

Serving churches from rural Texas to metropolitan Atlanta as Student Minister, Minister of Education, and Pastor, Eli has always developed leaders as an integral part of his ministry.  He also served more than 5 years at the North American Mission Board, working to develop staff and missionaries through training, support and equipping initiatives.  His passion is training and coaching Small Group Leaders, Bible Study facilitators, and youth and education professional staff members.

Among his ministry experience:

  • Eighteen years in Student Ministry.
  • Four years as founding pastor of Lakeside Fellowship, a contemporary church near Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Five years with the North American Mission Board.
  • Executive Staff of Youth Evangelism Schools in Texas, Florida and Georgia.
  • Certified Facilitator of Joel Barker’s powerful strategic planning tools, “The Implications Wheel” and “Strategy Matrix”.
  • Certified Facilitator for Next Level Leadership Networks, Building Powerful Ministry Teams, The Coaching Leader, Transforming Conflict, Process Coaching, and Leadership Greatness
  • Developer and Facilitator of Simply Strategic, a series of interactive workshops involving your key leaders in a strategic journey toward church health and effectiveness
  • Developer and Facilitator of Facilitating Discovery, a transferrable, discovery-based, Small Group Bible Study strategy
  • Developer and Facilitator of The Laws of the Jungle abstinence seminar



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